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    We are MGP (Middle Ground Properties) Cash. As a premier real estate investment firm, we are able to acquire great investment deals in several markets across the US. Some deals fit our criteria to keep but many of them we pass off to other investors in the marketplace. As a VIP member you would have the luxury of being amongst the first set of eyes to view our prime listings. Not only does VIP give you the option of choosing from our exclusive list, you may also request deals in a market of your choice.

    Due to our effective marketing initiatives, we’re able to get these deals at steep discounts and pass those savings on to you! Whether you plan to fix up the property and re-sell it or buy and hold as a rental property. Check out our inventory of available properties and be sure to join our VIP Property Deals List today to receive notifications via email or text about great deals as soon as they become available. Some deals are listed on our site and some are not so joining the email or text list would yield you the most exclusive options.

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